I have played bagpipes at a range of events… some where you would expect to hear the familiar sound, others where passersby and visitors just had to be thinking “hmmm, now there’s something you don’t see everyday.”

A few of the stranger examples? Political events, a Jewish wedding, Christmas parades, German festivals,Watermelon festivals, golf tournaments, a library  Christmas Party, a memorial service at a local animal shelter, British car shows.

No matter how out-of-place the pipes might seem at your event, there is almost ALWAYS a way to use them.  Most people will stop in their tracks and seek out the sound of the pipes once they’ve heard them in the distance.

That attraction to the sound of pipes, (which I believe is a genetic thing), can be used in many ways: If you have an event that you want to draw the neighbors to, put out a piper and they will come.  If you are having a sale or promotion in a retail area where foot traffic is key and want to attract patrons over to your end of the shopping center, put out a piper and they will come. If you’re selling ANYTHING, which requires drawing a crowd, put out a piper and they will come.

If you think that your event could benefit from having a piper, please contact me.
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