Congratulations on your engagement. No matter the scale of your wedding, there are tons of plans to make, and adding a piper to the day should not become a complication.

Most people who DO want pipe music, know WHY they want it, but they have little idea of HOW to go about it, or WHAT to ask for. You’ve taken the first 3 steps…you know you want pipes, why you want them, and now you’ve managed to find a piper who will be just right for your wedding day. Now on to the fourth item… what to ask for.

What should you ask for? Well, it’s your day, you should be able to have whatever you want. If you want the piper to lead you down the aisle, you can have that. If you want a traditional Scottish ceremony outside of the church, followed by a mass inside the church, followed by a piper leading your party off to the ceilidh, you can have that too. There are many points throughout the wedding day where pipes can be used and many ways to use them throughout the ceremony.  Check the FAQ’s to begin answering the basic questions.